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Zhan, SONG

Executive Director

Phone: 0755-86392100
Home page: http://www.siat.cas.cn/jgsz/kyxt/jcs/yjdy/znfs_50599/yjfx/
Website: http://www.siat.ac.cn/
E-mail: zhan.song@siat.ac.cn
Postal Code: 518055

Zhan SONG, Researcher, Ph.D. supervisor. He got the Ph.D. from the Department of Automation and Computer-Aided Engineering of CUHK in 2008. He joined the SIAT since 2009 as the Executive Director of IDMV lab

Research Interests

 His research interests include computer vision and 3D reconstruction.

Selected Publications

[1] Zhan Song, Ronald Chung and Xiaoting Zhang. An accurate and robust strip-edge based structured light means for shiny surface micro-measurement in 3D. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (T-IE), Vol. 60(3), pp.1023-1032, 2013. 

[2] Qingsong Zhu, Zhan Song*, Yaoqin Xie, and Lei Wang. A Novel Recursive Bayesian Learning based Method for the Efficient and Accurate Segmentation of Video with Dynamic Background. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 21(9), pp.3865-76, 2012. 

[3] Zhan Song and Ronald Chung. Determining Both Surface Position and Orientation in Structured-Light Based Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 32(10), pp. 1770-1780, 2010.  

[4] Zhan Song, Ronald Chung. Nonstructured light-based sensing for 3D reconstruction. Pattern Recognition, Vol. 43(10), pp. 3560-3571, 2010.  

[5] Zhan Song and Ronald Chung. Use of LCD Panel for Calibrating Structured Light-based Range Sensing System. IEEE Transactions on  Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol. 57(11), pp. 2623-2630, 2008.

Current Projects

He has published more than 60 research articles. He has been awarded more than 10 grants from the NSFC, NSFC-Guangdong and some industrial projects from Huawei and Skyworth etc. He has received the Award of Academy-Locality Cooperation of CAS 2011, and the Award of Chinese Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation of 2012.