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Hairong Zheng

Director of SIAT-Institute of Biomedical and Health Engineering (IBHE), and Director of Paul C. Lauterbur Research Centre for Biomedical Imaging

Phone: +86-755-86392244
Home page: http://lauterbur.siat.ac.cn/en/
Website: http://www.siat.ac.cn/
E-mail: hr.zheng@siat.ac.cn
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He received his B.S. degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2000 and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Division from University of Colorado at Boulder in 2006. He joined the University of California Davis first as a postdoctoral fellow, and then as project scientist in the Biomedical Engineering Department, before his joining SIAT by the end of 2007. Dr.Zheng is the director of SIAT-Institute of Biomedical and Health Engineering (IBHE), and director of Paul C. Lauterbur Research Centre for Biomedical Imaging. Dr.Zheng’s research areas focus on ultrasonics, ultrasonic imaging-drug delivery-therapy, and multimodality medical imaging. Dr. Zheng has published more than 100 peer-reviewed journal papers and international conference proceedings, and owned more than 20 patents. 

Research Interests

Biomedical ultrasonics and medical imaging equipment  


Selected Publications


(1)  Zhiting Deng, Fei Yan*, Qiaofeng Jin, Fei Li, Junru Wu, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng*. Reversal of multidrug resistance phenotype in human breast cancer cells using doxorubicin-liposome-microbubble complexes assisted by ultrasound. Journal of Controlled Release, 2014, 174: 109–116. 

(2) Zhiyong Wang, Gang Liu *, Hairong Zheng, Xiaoyuan Chen *,“Rigid nanoparticle-based delivery of anti-cancer siRNA: challenges and opportunities”, Biotechnology Advance. 2013. In press 

(3)Chunxiang Jiang, Lijuan Zhang, Chao Zou, Xiaojing Long, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng, Weiqi Liao, and Yanjun Diao. Diurnal Microstructural Variations in Healthy Adult Brain Revealed by Diffusion Tensor Imaging. Plos One, 2013. In press 

(4) Congzhi Wang, Jian Zheng, Zeping Huang, Yang Xiao, Dan Song, Jie Zeng, Hairong Zheng*, and Rongqin Zheng*, Influence of Measurement Depth on the Stiffness Assessment of Healthy Liver with Real-time Shear Wave Elastography, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 2013. In press 

(5) Weiqi Liao, Xiaojing Long, Chunxiang Jiang, Yanjun Diao, Xin Liu, Hairong  

Zheng, Lijuan Zhang. Morphological Characterization of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Univariate and Multivariate Models.  

Academy Radiology, 2013. In press 

(6) Guoxi Xie, Yibiao Song, Caiyun shi, Xiang Feng, Hairong Zheng, Weng, D., Bensheng Qiu, Xin Liu. Accelerated magnetic resonance imaging using the sparsity of multi-channel coil images. Magnetic resonance imaging, 2013. In press 

(7)Caiyun Shi,Guoxi Xie, Yibiao Song, Chao Zou, Hairong Zheng, Xin Liu."Referenceless PRFS MR-Thermometry Using partial separability model". Applied magnetic resonance, 2013. In press 

(8) Fei Yan, Xiang Li, Chunxiang Jiang, Qiaofeng Jin, Zidong Zhang, Robin Shandas, Junru Wu, Xin Liu, and Hairong Zheng*. A novel microfluidic chip for assessing dynamic adhesion behavior of cell-targeting microbubbles. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 2014, 40(1): 148–157. 

(9)  Xue  Zhang, Yang Xiao, Jie Zeng, W Qiua, Ming Qian, Congzhi Wang, Rongqin Zheng*, Hairong Zheng*. Computer-assisted assessment of ultrasound real-time elastography: initial experience in 145 breast lesions. European Journal of Radiology. 2013. In press 

(10) Xin Liu, Na Zhang, Z. Fan, F. Feng, Q. Yang, Hairong Zheng, P. Liu, D. Li, Detection of infragenual arterial disease using noncontrast-enhanced MR angiography in patients with diabetes. JMRI. 2013. In press 



Current Projects
Dr. Zheng was a recipient of the Tan Kah Kee Young Scientist Award of China (2014), and National Outstanding Young Scientist Award of China(2013), American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship (2005).He is principle investigator of special fund of pre-973 plan, special fund of Fundamental Research of Scientific Instruments, and major international joint research program of NSFC, et al.. Dr. Zheng is the senior member of IEEE, committee member of IEEE-EMBS technical standard committee, Associate editor of IEEE Transactions on UFFC, editoral board member of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, editoral board member of Physics in Medicine and biology , the acoustical society of China, standing committee member of imaging physics and technology society,  standing committee member of molecular imaging society, committee member of young association of the Chinese academy of science, the chairman of IEEE EMBS Shenzhen Chapter.